Our customer service procedures are designed to ensure that Evergreen Professional Recoveries functions as an asset to your accounts receivable department. Information is power when focusing on increasing net cash flow through the collection of past due receivables. Therefore, we make sure you are kept up to date throughout the collection process to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit from our service.

Within a few days after assignment of accounts, you will receive an account acknowledge detailing the information we have received. This notice is both an excellent reference for your records as well as an effective verification tool, ensuring the data transferred is accurate. At this point, any discrepancies are immediately corrected.

Our superior technology allows us to tailor our system to meet our customers evolving needs. Every month, a Client Index Report is generated, detailing each account assigned to us. Your report includes names of debtors, account numbers, amounts due, payments, and the status of each account. Also included is a statistical analysis of our performance, which serves as an excellent tool for evaluating our effectiveness. Along with the report, we include a check, drawn on our trust account, as payment for the previous month's collections.

Our account representatives are available to address your specific concerns at any time. Our management philosophy and operating methodology center around meeting and exceeding customer expectations through a process of continuous improvement. We consistently strive toward our goals of improving the quality of our service in an effort to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

For more information on listing accounts with Evergreen Professional Recoveries, please email sales@everprof.com or call 1-800-241-1305 and ask for the Business Development Department.